Entertainment flows through the screens

Like a river flowing water down a stream, a streaming service transfers movies, music and TV shows from its library to its customers.

Today’s multimedia streaming services are becoming more and more prominent among entertainment consumers, and because of the quality and convenience of the content, it’s no surprise many people are switching to streaming from other traditional media broadcasting methods.

Streaming works by downloading, then immediately showing, pieces of a file a piece at a time and then discarding them once they are used. The stream should load the content as fast as it is being viewed.

Streaming began in the early ‘90s during the early days of the Internet, where a few live events like concerts and sporting events were livestreamed using the limited technology. Now, almost every event that is televised also has supplementary livestreamed content on the internet, and it wouldn’t be surprising if the livestream someday became the primary content.

As far as movies, television shows and music go, streaming services have paved the way for on-demand entertainment, but in recent years they have changed the game yet again.

Pay-Per-View and subscription movie channels, that are brought to you by television providers, are known for their great selection of movies as well as original content. Once streaming services were created, streaming service companies soon realized that the best way to stay in the game of being an entertainment archive is to create original content of their own. Now sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and YouTube have become full-throttle production companies. Netflix has created shows such as “Orange is The New Black” and “House of Cards,” which both have become key components to Netflix’s rising success, and Amazon Prime has been nominated for awards with its show “Transparent.”

More recently in exclusive streaming content, the music industry is offering some deluxe albums for premium users, with the hopes of leading customers to become members of these services. Kanye West released his album “The Life of Pablo” and Beyonce released her album “Lemonade”  both on TIDAL. More recently, Drake released his album “Views” exclusively to Apple Music.

If streaming is the new frontier of entertainment, it looks like an individual will have to pick and choose which content they would like to leave out of their library. Unless you have the money to become a member of every service, then your library could possibly be infinite.