Grads take a look back: Remembering high school days

Enrolling in school for post-secondary education is a fairly popular choice after graduation. Even then, the choices they made for what they would do in college aren’t necessarily set in stone according to DHS grads.

“I came into college with the mentality that I needed to be chasing after a career that fit how ‘intelligent’ I thought I was and, honestly, to make money,” Ashley Brewer, DHS class of 2013 graduate, said.

Brewer, initially a mechanical engineering major, changed her major after one day of classes at Oklahoma State University to one that she felt was a better fit.

“I switched into the College of Education to pursue being an elementary/middle school teacher,” Brewer said.

However, there are those who are still doing what they thought they would be when they walked across the stage to shake hands with the principal.

“I’m furthering my education at East Central University and I work a full time job, with my own car and my own apartment,” Je’Miracle McCoy, a 2015 graduate and human resources major, said.

Skyler Baldwin, a 2014 grad, is also doing what he thought he would be.

“I feel like I reached a lot of goals that I had set up for myself,” Baldwin said. “I’m still majoring in professional media.”

Even though she is doing what she wanted to, McCoy wishes she could redo at least one aspect of high school.

“I definitely wish I would’ve applied myself more in high school and taken it more seriously so I could’ve ended up with a better GPA,” McCoy said.

Brewer also wishes she could have a redo but she has a few areas to focus on for her high school revision including attending a course or seminar that would have helped her figure out what she wanted to do career-wise.

“I wish that I would have had something like that or taken advantage of an opportunity like that in high school to figure out a game plan of what I wanted to do and how to get there, avoiding ‘dilly-dallying’ in college later on,” Brewer said.

Baldwin, however, discovered what he wanted to do through four years of working on the newspaper.

“Spending four years on the newspaper here in Duncan helped me realize what I wanted to do,” he said.

Brewer also encourages giving time and effort for participation saying that high school is a time for transition and the habits and attitudes that are adopted will last.

McCoy agrees, insisting focus on goals.

“This is your life and it needs to be taken seriously,” McCoy said. “How you do in high school will affect your future.”