A letter to the editor

Dear Editor:

Better start counting the cost right now of a decision not to use subs and it has nothing to do with dollars and cents. It may have everything to do with dollars and sense.  For every dollar that a good sub earns, count the cost of stressed out faculty members who have to cover each other’s class. For every goal that a sub sets to do their best in a teacher’s absence, count the cost of unmet goals by teachers who need a responsible person in their class. When life happens – and it happens – count the cost of the absent faculty member who won’t have the satisfaction of knowing if someone took their class.

Decision makers typify those who do not adequately count the cost of eliminating subs when they merely see the dollars and cents aspect. There is no doubt that Duncan Public Schools has other unfinished business that attributes the need for more funds to be generated. Yet, the cost of someone who provides the “Tradition of Excellence” in education needs to be measured beyond what dollars and cents can provide. Community involvement often can translate into the type of interest that can help school decision makers decide on an agenda. Duncan has a community that has helped to provide academic excellence for generations. Let the schools and the school district reach out into the community ties to help see the problems Duncan Public Schools has. Let the people of Duncan decide on the kind of incentives that are needed to make decisions such as those involving eliminating precious human resources from the schools.

Count the cost to what it means beyond dollars and cents. Make this a dollars and sense initiative. Save jobs, eliminate potentially undesirable circumstances to teaching and let the voice of concern be heard to all who will hear it here in Duncan, please.

Editor’s note:

On any given day, long-term absences will be covered by paid subs. Other classes will be covered by teachers on their plan periods and volunteers. Teachers who do not have regular classes will not have subs.