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Being an accountant for a company is difficult enough, but being one for a month when only in high school and doing it for a grade, elevates that to the level above the next.

That is exactly what the high school accounting classes are doing for the next few weeks but just with hypothetical companies.

“They do a merchandising company’s books for a month,” Kristy Hooker, the accounting instructor, said.

The students get a packet with information about a fictitious company and be an accountant for them for a month. This simulator is to put all the information that they have already taken and make it make more sense.

Hooker also mentioned that this is a tool that only Duncan uses. She feels that this program is very successful at preparing students for real world accounting situations. Senior Dallas Lassley is a student taking the accounting course and doing the business simulation, and while he is only in the class because he didn’t have any other choices, he is enjoying the simulator.

“It really puts everything together to make it all make sense,” Lassley said.

The simulation started on March 21 and continues for the nine weeks thereafter. The students get a packet when the program starts, and they use everything in that packet to help them accomplish their goal.

Sophomore Sabrina Arredondo is also a student enrolled in the business class and doing the simulation.

“So far, I am enjoying the simulation far more than the traditional method of just random transactions that are not related to each other,” Arredondo said.

She also mentioned that she is taking the class because she wants to study business in college. Arredondo wants to pursue a career in Business Operations Management.

This program has been going on for a long time and has helped many students. It also has the ability to continue well into the future.