Illuminae files: death but no profanity

“Illuminae Files” written by Amie Kaufman is a masterpiece that steps outside the box, and because of that, I love this book to pieces. This is a book that people could read in one sitting.

In the story a company attacks an illegal mining town with military grade resources. Now the refugees and surviving military personnel are on three ships hurtling through space with the enemy on their heels. The book documents the sordid experiences of some of the crew and all the events aboard the ships.

The format is different from most books I’ve picked up over the years. It has pages that have sentences in different font sizes, and the sentences are arranged differently. On another page, the words are written going out from a center point from different angles forming a circle. To me, it was fun seeing what new page design the author would throw my way. It was an adventure in and of itself.

As for how it affects the story, it makes it more emotional at times. There was several pages filled with small pictures of random people after a bunch of people died. It made for some serious emotional impact.

She didn’t stop at the page design. She told the story through files, emails, chat room transcripts, video analysis, written reports from ship crew members and even composites from an A.I.’s core data base. They are outside the boxes and margins.

The characters were awesome as well. Every character was interesting, and it really seemed like they were real people. However, Kaufman took it one step further, and she made them every bit as likeable as they were realistic. They were likeable to the point that I actually did feel sad when someone died, and that doesn’t happen very often with the enormous number of books that I read. That is precisely why I can’t pick a favorite. All the characters are just too awesome to pick one over the other.

Amie Kaufman also had a serious aptitude for making tense and comic situations blend seamlessly. The chatroom transcripts that are used throughout the story are the best example of this. The chatrooms are how the characters communicated with each other through a good chunk of the book.
The story isn’t the most complicated mystery thriller thing out there, but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It is a good story, and it is accomplished masterfully.