Council hosts community leadership event

The superintendent’s advisory council (SAC) is a group of 26 students who meet with the district’s superintendent and discuss problems about the school with her.

The SAC had their annual leadership council on March 23 at First United Methodist Church to improve the leadership skills of everyone in attendance. The event was planned and run by the council.

“We started off in the morning with registry and breakfast, and then we had a keynote speaker, Dr. Julian Pierce,” SAC member, senior Essance Whiteside said.  

After that, there were various leadership skill building sessions. There were four sessions, two before lunch and two after.

“Whenever everyone gets there we break into four groups and each separate group goes to a separate classroom, and after 45 minutes we rotate and go to the next classroom,” SAC member senior Chance Hogstead said.

One session at the conference was Service Learning. In this session they learned about doing services for the community.

“We wrote soldier letters and also made birthday cards to give to Beautiful Day to give to the kids that they help,” Whiteside said.

Another session was called Social Media Leaders, where they discussed a variety of topics that correlated behavior on social media to being a leader.

“That talked about how social media affects you as a leader, what to do, what not to do,” Whiteside said. “I think they also included how to keep it clean to where if you have employers looking at you, they will see that you’re a good person, and they also talked about cyberbullying.”

There was also a session called Ignite.

“There is an ignite session where you throw out debatable topics, and you discuss them,” Hogstead said.

The last of the sessions was trust exercises. There were two exercises, trust falls and a maze. Trust falls is an exercise that involves standing on a table and having a group of people catch you when you fall toward them. The maze was an exercise where you had to trust someone to guide you through a maze.

“I really enjoyed it,” SAC member senior Caleb Cronk said.