Students display art


Bridget Tolle, Pitchfork

Senior Lydia Womack’s rendition of Van Gogh’s “Starry Night”. To the right of the aforementioned piece are Womack’s other pieces that were displayed.

With the stroke of a brush or sketch from a pencil, students enrolled in an art class spend the school year working to improve their ability to create. Some get the chance to have their artwork displayed at the Chisholm Trail Heritage Center every spring.

Schools in the Stephens County area provide artwork to be displayed.

Art teacher Brenda Phillips collects her students’ artwork throughout the year to have it shown. Phillips doesn’t just send in artwork from gifted students, but also from students who put in more effort.

“I try to pick pieces from kids who tried their best,” Phillips said.

One of her favorite pieces to send in was a recreation of “Starry Night” by Vincent van Gogh drawn with oil pastels.

Compared to the other schools that participated, Phillips thought her student’s artwork was every bit as good.

One of Phillip’s Art 1 students, sophomore Pablo Delossantos, had four pieces of his art displayed.

“I thought it was really nice to see my drawings,” Delossantos said.

He is looking forward in participating in art again next year and hopefully having more things displayed.

Sophomore Emilia Urbanek also had many of her drawings shown. Urbanek, a foreign exchange student from Germany, has had a passion for art since she can remember and was happy to find out that people could enjoy her art.

“[Drawing] calms me down and helps me sort my thoughts,” Urbanek said.

Phillips and her students appreciate the effort that the Chisholm Trail employees, such as Lia Mulkey, put into the exhibit.

“I think everyone should go out and see it [next year],” Phillips said.