Demons can have Halos


Megan Neibaur, Smokerings

During the reveal assembly members of student council hold up signs showing the total amount of money raised during HALO week. The total amount of money raised was $14,053.69.

Colorful banners decorate the hallways. Students and teachers dress in extravagant costumes they spent days preparing. A voice over the intercom system reminds people of the exciting event happening later that day.

HALO week, previously known as Leggo week, is the time of the year when school spirit is at its highest. During this week, students help raise money for the community by participating in dress up days and attending events, along with donating money.

“It’s basically a philanthropy week,” Jana Sturgell, a StuCo sponsor, said.

This year the money raised will go toward prom for the special ed students and two local organizations, Beautiful Day, whose goal is to help grow spirit in the community, and One True Light, who places mentors in every school to help struggling students.

“All the money we raise stays right here in Duncan,” StuCo sponsor Dawn Wainscott said. “It doesn’t go anywhere else.”

The goal StuCo members set for this year was $20,000. By the end of the week, they received $14,053.69 in donations.

In earlier years, this week was referred to as Leggo week, but over time the name lost its meaning. Sturgell says that HALO week went well alongside the Demon mascot, and it has a clear meaning: Helpful Attitudes Leading Others.

StuCo (student council) puts much preparation into the event. The members and sponsors have spent months in planning for it.

“They’ve been thinking about this all year,” Sturgell said.

Junior Graham Cox was part of the fundraising committee and helped gather donations from local businesses. He also put up signs and refereed the dodgeball tournament.

“The best event by far is dodgeball, but skating was actually a lot of fun too,” Cox said.

After all of the preparation, he likes to see other people get excited and have fun for such a good cause.

“It’s just nice to have a little break from school, especially in the spring semester, to have some fun,” Cox said.

Sophomore Chelsea Black also looks forward to this week every year. Her favorite part is dressing up. She spends about seven days before the week to put together costumes, which she pieces together from items found from her family members’ closets and Goodwill.

Her favorite day to dress up this year was 80s workout.

“I went on Pinterest for inspiration,” Black said. “Then I got the items I needed from family members and I used things from my home, like my mom’s weights.”

Wainscott also liked this day the best.

“I’m an 80s baby,” Wainscott said. “That brought back memories.”

Everybody involved in StuCo was glad to see so many students participating.

“I’m really proud of our students and the effort they put in,” Sturgell said.