Only seniors meet with college reps

Life in general is a series of different journeys and chapters in our lives. High school is only one of those chapters, and as it comes to a close junior and senior year, we have to start preparing ourselves for our next chapter in life, whether that be college or anything else. That’s why, senior year, there’s a number of different representatives from different colleges who come and speak to seniors interested in attending their school. Of course this is great, as you can never have too much information on the college you plan to attend.

The only problem with this is that only seniors are allowed to attend. Of course, seniors would find things like colleges visiting more important, as they are the ones about to graduate. However, if juniors who are serious about attending a specific college could go talk to representatives when they are here, that could be extremely beneficial. So many people procrastinate to the very last minute, and senior year they’re scrambling to get everything finished that needs to be taken care of. If those of us who are serious junior year could already know exactly where we want to go and already have all the necessary information, that could cut out unnecessary stress our senior year.

Not only that but many of the college representatives don’t even visit the high school until close to the end of the year. It’s March, and colleges are still just now coming. So not only do juniors have to wait until senior year, but we have to wait until close to the end of it, creating even more stress as graduation gets closer and closer.

As a junior, I’m already looking at colleges and trying to figure out exactly where I want to go. Senior year is crazy enough without having to just then make those decisions. By senior year, I should be focusing on finishing up classes, keeping my GPA up, maybe taking the ACT a couple more times, and applying for scholarships and other things I need to do before I graduate. I shouldn’t still be trying to decide on a college senior year, at least I don’t want to be.

Junior year should be the year to begin preparing for everything as much as possible and get as much as you can out of the way. Allowing juniors to go and speak to college representatives along with seniors can help students already know exactly which college(s) they are going to apply to can help with stress levels senior year, even if it’s just a little.