Absences foul out athlete’s academics

The life of a student athlete is not an easy one. Balancing school, sports, life at home, friendships, jobs and all the other things teenagers have to do can be extremely hard.

Holding student athletes to the same standards as regular students sometimes does not seem fair.

I, being a student athlete myself, can relate to these struggles, and for me, the hardest thing about it is missing a ton of school.

I do not understand how teachers and coaches can expect us to miss many days a week for months and still make really good grades.

Some coaches expect more of their athletes, and they are pressured into making the best grades possible so they can try to win an academic state championship.

It is so hard to teach myself a lesson, or catch up after missing half of the lesson taught the previous day, and usually by the time I get back to school the teacher has already moved on. I always feel bad by taking up their time to repeat what they have already taught, and many teachers will not take the time to repeat the lesson at all.

A simple solution for this would be putting lessons online. Some teachers already do this, but if all teachers would put their lessons online it would be much easier for student athletes to stay up to date on their work.

I also feel bad by constantly asking for more time to make up missing papers. Some teachers do not understand how hard it is to balance school and sports, and they expect my papers to be turned in at the same time as everyone else’s. Also, new assignments are assigned every day, so at the same time that I am doing yesterday’s work, I still have to stay on top of the new ones.

Also, having a job at the same time is nearly impossible.

Going to school for seven hours a day, practicing for hours on top of that and then going to work is crazy. There is little to no time to do anything at home.

Weekends are also often taken up by sports, there is never any time to spend time with family or have any kind of social life.  

Going to tournaments on weekdays is also really hard, because we usually do not get home until late in the evening. It is so hard to get up in time for school and then try to function. The lack of sleep and over-working of the body can build up a significant amount of stress.

Even though there are these insane standards and expectations to live up to as a student athlete, I would not trade the experiences and memories I have made doing it for the world. I just wish it could be easier.