Tournament kickstarts tennis


Bridget Tolle,

Doubles extra, freshman Caleb Wilson, finishes a serve to kick off a match.

While most students were in the beginning of the school day, the tennis teams were entering their first matches. The girls and guys teams played hard to achieve first place in their first tournament of the season on March 1.

Senior Hayden Pettigrew was surprised at how well other schools competed.

“The competition has honestly been a lot better than I expected,” Pettigrew said. “We’ve really had to work every match we’ve played. You never really know when you go to tournaments how it’s going to turn out.”

The main competition was Durant and Oklahoma Christian School. The schools received second and third places. Senior Lane Presswood and Pettigrew received first place in boys 1 doubles. Senior Jordan Clauson and sophomore Logan Churchman received first place in girls 1 doubles. Sophomore Fisher Anderson received first place in boys 1 singles. Junior Kenzie Rains received second place in girls 1 singles.

Coach Phil Barnes was pretty pleased with the teams. Some players felt it was a good start to the season. Clauson knows the competitions will become more difficult.

“We’re still getting ready for some harder matches throughout the year,” she said.

Other players, such as Rains, are looking toward the end goal of state.

“We’re definitely a contender for the state title,” she said. “We all play our best and keep going.”

Before the teams go to state, however, the girls team will be going to the national competition in Chattanooga, Tennessee, over spring break. The girls team won this competition last year.

“You don’t know who’s going to be there, how good they’re going to be,” Barnes said. “Our goal is to go in there and be very competitive.”

Barnes will possibly be changing what positions some of the players are currently playing.

“He is going to switch us around to whatever he thinks will be better chances at state,” Pettigrew said. “Whether it be someone who plays singles when they usually play doubles.”

The tennis teams have started the season with a win, something they hope to continue the trend. The next home tournament will be April 9.