Hardworking coach makes debut

Baseball coaches Eddie Mullins, Cameron Ethridge and Billy Miskell discuss the upcoming practice routine.

Natascha Mercadante, Pitchfork

Baseball coaches Eddie Mullins, Cameron Ethridge and Billy Miskell discuss the upcoming practice routine.

Hey, batter batter!

Billy Miskell is the new coach for the all-American pastime in Duncan.

Originally from Mannford, Okla., Miskell grew up in the state but moved to Houston, Texas to attend college. He attended Houston Baptist University and played baseball there. Miskell majored in kinesiology and sociology.

“I always had a passion [for baseball], and it was always something I wanted to do,” Miskell said.

After graduating, he worked at the Alexander Smith Academy in Houston to build up his resume so he could one day come back to his home state. He came to Duncan when the job was posted and thought the program looked like it would be a good fit for him.

“I’ve been offered other jobs, but I didn’t feel I was ready,” Miskell said. “I really wanted to build a program here.”

Miskell also wanted to move back to be closer to family and friends.

His goals for this season are to have a shot at getting to compete at state. To get there, his plans for improving the team are to focus on the small points of the game.

“I’m trying to teach them the old school ways of the game, a bunch of guys playing the game and going all out,” Miskell said.

Sophomore Tyler Polk appreciates Miskell’s coaching technique.

“He pushes us a lot harder than we’re used to, and with him doing that, it’s making our team play better,” Polk said. “He gives us a better chance to win, and it’s nice knowing we stand a chance.”

Polk thinks the team will improve this year and have a shot at making baseball known in Duncan again.

Senior Aaron Haley feels the team will get better with having a new coach.

“It will be different adjusting to a new coach,” Haley said. “But I think we will improve tremendously from this summer.”

One thing that Miskell wishes was different is not having time to prepare in the fall.

“I’d like to have time to iron out the small points of the game,” Miskell said.

This doesn’t stop the team from having successful practices, though.

“I like that we get so much done during practice,” Haley said.

The team has high hopes for this season.