$tudent youtuber take$ view$ to the bank

Some students work at stores to earn money. Some prepare and sell food to the hungry public. One local student, however, has found a more unique way to gain currency: he makes videos.

Senior Austin Bates, known on his YouTube channel as Death Brony, has been earning money by making videos over a number of different subjects, including the TV show “My Little Pony,” various video games and more.

Bates said that he started out making videos because of the uniqueness of the pastime.

“I thought it’d be cool to do something different from everybody else,” he said.

He said that he started out doing Pony videos and just moved on from there.

“I started out with tributing for MLP characters, and then I started gaming, just to do something different,” he said. “I’ve just been going from there.”

The amount of money a YouTuber earns, he said, is based on ads, subscribers and views. He also has a partnership that, while it does take 45 percent of the money he earns, provides him with several benefits to help him make videos.

“[Partnerships mean that] you have advantages,” he said. “For example, my partnership lets me use music, which is royalty-free music. So I can use that music to monetize my video without getting a copyright claim.”

With just under 50 videos and about $100 under his belt so far, Bates is looking forward to the rest of his YouTube career.