Teenage drug abuse show

Drugs, alcohol and recovery.

These are the main setup of Recovery Road. This show depicts a realism in teenage drug abuse and is based on the novel “Recovery Road” by Blake Nelson. Maddie Graham, played by Jessica Sula, is the fictional main character. This is from her falling down the rabbit hole of abuse of mainly alcohol.

There is a constant reminder that recovery isn’t easy. Maddie has to deal with several different conflicts that occur in the sobriety house she lives in. She befriends some of the residents, even though one is former rival.
Although her rehab is the main purpose of the show, through love. Wes, who later forms an interest for Maddie, has had about six months straight without a relapse. He tries so hard to avoid the party life Maddie has outside of recovery. Wes plays a key role in keeping Maddie in check by making her aware about avoiding certain hazards.

From the very first episode, I was hooked. This show not only brings out current issues but also how to handle curveballs thrown in life. Second chances do exist and sometimes people need a reminder there is always room for a new path in life.