Hunters Choose Zootopia: Shadow Hunters

The Mortal Instruments books are pretty much a groundbreaking setup for the typical fandoms.

In the mystical Shadow World, the main characters are a group of teenagers called Shadowhunters. These guys kick butt, find romance and are able to meet interesting characters, the main character being Clary Fray. She finds herself in the mix up of the mundane and Shadow World. Her love interest, Jace, turns into someone she never expected and then some. The romance is strong in this one. Her charisma and wonder about the world she’s just met is portrayed beautifully by the writer. She’s a character that stands out in her innocence, but willing to fight demons to protect the mundanes (humans). Fray’s quest is all about finding her mom who was taken by Valentine, a rogue Shadowhunter. Her character adds a human sense to the mystical world, which allows readers to easily relate and dive right in.

At a glance, there’s the typical werewolves and vampires. But getting deeper there’s warlocks and other mystical creatures.

A Shadowhunter is specially skilled in killing demons and keeps the peace in the Shadow World.

Author Cassandra Clare does such a good job keeping the series in a level of twists and turns. Every margin of the page seems to leave the reader guessing and asking for more. This is sincerely what a book is supposed to do. I normally get tired of these types of books, but this series kept me hooked.

With the intensity of war and the realness of a simple mundane, there seems to be a reality and a fantasy combined into a beautiful work of art. Almost anyone can reach the love of the Shadow World.