Student Council under improved management

A student council is formed to lead and promote student activity in the school and the community. Student Council (StuCo) is under new management and this year’s band of officers plan to heighten the organization and spirit of the school for years to come.

StuCo sponsors Dawn Wainscott and Jana Sturgell are new to being the advisers, but they had no hesitation stepping up to the plate.

“They didn’t have a StuCo sponsor and I wanted to be involved,” Wainscott said.

Although they are new, they have motivation to make the council stronger.

“Mrs. Wainscott and Mrs. Sturgell have gone above and beyond,” senior StuCo president Natalie Robinson said. “They both spend so many hours after school for Crafting Crew and so many lunch hours for officer and member meetings. They do so much more than they are expected to do as StuCo sponsors.”

Along with strong motivation, Wainscott and Sturgell have many events planned to help their officers to grow.

“We want to have workshops for our officers and members where we can focus on things like leadership and public speaking,” Wainscott said. “We also plan to form a new constitution with our officers this summer.”

“Our last constitution was written about 25 years ago,” Sturgell said. “It’s about time to make a new one.”

StuCo is also expected to participate in some regional events like the District Student Council Convention in Marlow, which Duncan has never attended, as well as Basic and Advanced training held by the state.

“Signups are still open,” Wainscott said. “It’s great leadership training.”

Anyone interested in being involved in StuCo is free to sign up for the training which benefits an individual as well as StuCo as a whole.

“I’m so excited for everyone going to Basic and Advanced training this summer,” Robinson said. “I know that’s going to change Duncan StuCo and eventually change the whole environment of the high school.”

“We want to send more members to Basic and Advanced training,” junior reporter Jessica Hale said. “We want freshman involved, and we were really big on school spirit this year. Sponsors are our advisers but officers and students do try to come up with the ideas.”

Along with improvement of the council comes more responsibility for future members and officers.

“To anybody planning on being in StuCo or being an officer: it’s not all fun and games,” junior Vice President Hattie Stockton said. “You have to contribute your time and you have to work at it. StuCo is not about going to different events. You have to put effort into it.”

Students and staff alike come together to help the school community, while Student Council is the backbone of the operation.