Student author published

Growing up we’re all generally asked the same question. “Who do you want to be when you grow up?”

Some of us give answers like princesses or astronauts. Some of us, however, have it figured out from the very beginning. Senior Bridget Tolle has wanted to be an author since she was a kid, and on March 15 her dreams will become a reality.

Getting tired of the typical princess story, Tolle wanted something new. The first book of her trilogy, “Elemental Kidnapping,” follows the story of four princesses who get kidnapped and their journey to save themselves.

Actually getting her first book published has been a relatively long journey, taking almost two years.

“I started writing it the summer after sophomore year then gave it to my parents to edit,” Tolle said. “Then, on April third we went to Mustang to sign the contract.”

Tolle was given the option to either sign a one-time contract for this book or sign a lifetime contract, meaning she would always publish through them and only pay the marketing fee one time. Her, along with her parents, since she’s not 18, signed the lifetime contact.

Tolle has already visited some schools such as Horace Mann, Woodrow Wilson and Durant schools and public library and soon she will be visiting Heavener schools. She will also be at the DHS library on March 22.