Raving over DiCaprio’s revenance


They look all nice and cuddly in zoos, but when, in the wild, someone gets in between a mother and her cubs, they can really ruin things for that unfortunate soul.

Well, back in the 1800s, a man named Hugh Glass was just the unfortunate soul that did such a thing. He was hunting and scouting for a fur trapping expedition when he came across two young bear cubs. Being a mountain man, he knew that if you find the cubs then there will be a mother nearby, and you never want to be between a mother and her cubs.

Historically, Glass found himself in such a place and was mauled by a grizzly bear. The rest of the party heard the gunshot that Glass fired at the bear to protect himself and went to investigate. They found Glass mutilated, with a broken leg and unconscious, but breathing. They did not expect Glass to live, so they stitched him up as best they could and left two men to stay behind and give Glass a proper burial. When they woke up in the morning, miraculously, Glass was still alive. So the two men stayed longer, and few days later, the three men were attacked by Native Americans. In a panic, the men tasked with burying Glass fled from him and left him alone, defenseless and destroyed. The nearest U.S. outpost was over 200 miles away, but Glass had the will to live and get home. So he did. It took him almost three months but after floating down a river and eating raw meat and berries, he made it back to the fort and was fixed up by the fort’s doctor.

“The Revenant” follows this story in a cinematic masterpiece. With its amazing cinematography, the movie portrays the story excellently. From start to finish it is always moving in some way, and there is never a boring part to this movie. The bear attack in real life was a gruesome event, and the movie definitely does it justice. Of course, they couldn’t have a real bear attack Leonardo DiCaprio (who plays Glass), so they CGI’d the bear. The animation, while you can tell that it is CGI, it does look quite good. I don’t know who did the cosmetics, but they definitely deserve some sort of award. The blood is beautiful and the cuts and lacerations look as real as they would if it was a real bear attack.

Also, Emmanuel Lubezki (the director of cinematography) knows how to make stuff look epic, whether it be a wide sweeping shoot or a close-up of a character’s eyes to add to the emotion of the moment.

The acting in the film was totally amazing. With DiCaprio leading as Glass, he does a phenomenal job of acting like he is on the very edge of death and experiencing the pain it takes to move around with a broken leg and several deep cuts on your back. As for supporting actors, Tom Hardy played John Fitzgerald, portraying a greedy man wanting nothing but money and fighting for his life. All in all, this movie is quite amazing. The cinematography and acting coupled with accuracy to the real story, this movie has made my top movies list for 2016.