Purposely Crank up the Horror: Crank

Crank. Crystal. Glass. Meth.

Everyone’s heard of it, but when Kristina Snow visits her dad for the first time in years, she’s not quite prepared for the journey she’ll soon be thrown into. Soon after traveling to her dad’s, she meets her fearless, risk-taking alter-ego Bree who grows stronger and stronger, “convincing me to be someone I never thought I’d want to be.”

Full of addiction, betrayals, secrets and more, the book “Crank” is a tale of Kristina’s dance with the “Monster.”

In this book, author Ellen Hopkins writes in a poem format that paints a painfully sharp picture of Kristina/“Bree’s” spiraling reality.

For anyone whose life has been touched by addiction in any way, this story hits home. Addiction affects so much more than just the addict. It affects anyone who knew or cared about that person. Hopkins does a heartbreakingly beautiful job of detailing the fall into addiction and how drastically it changes who you are and everything about your life, goals and morals.

I’ve read all kinds of books about the same topic, but so far this is the only one I’ve found that’s completely realistic, and maybe that’s because the book is based on Hopkins’ own experience with her daughter.

“Crank” is not a pretty story — no addiction is pretty — and it’s not the kind of book you “like.” It’s more of a story you get sucked into. From the moment I opened the book I just couldn’t put it down. If absolutely nothing else, I’ll be so much more aware of every decision I make from now on and how easily it could change everything.

I would love to go on and on about how much this book meant to me and how easily captivated I was by the story, but my words simply cannot do it justice. There’s not a string of words in the entire dictionary that could adequately describe how I feel about this book.