Purposely Crank up the Horror: Purpose

After a two-year wait from the release of an experimental album “Journals,” Justin Bieber’s newest album, “Purpose,” came out on Nov. 13, and his fans are now satisfied.

“Purpose” is completely different from any of Bieber’s albums in the past.

This album has a much more grown up sound, and his lyrics are much deeper than they have been in his past albums. After running wild for the past three years, this kind of mature sound was exactly what he needed.

He is very honest with his fans with his music in this album, and his feelings are put into lyrics, which helps the fans to experience his emotions for themselves.

To start his comeback, his first single “What Do You Mean?” came out in late August.

“Purpose” reached the top of the Billboard charts. This is his sixth number one album, and his fifth number one debut.

Also, the album has a lot of variety.

The album opens with “Mark My Words,” a very short song that has a kind of electronic sound.“Where Are U Now” and “I’ll Show You,” have this same kind of electronic sound, because the album was co-produced by Skrillex and Diplo.

However, there are some slow songs such as “Love Yourself,” which was written by Ed Sheeran, that have a very grown up and slow, mature sound.

He has an R&B sound on his song “No Pressure” which features Big Sean, and he admits the mistakes that he’s made in the lyrics.

“No Sense” features Travis Scott and has a hip hop and R&B sound, but he still manages to put emotional lyrics to it.

My favorite songs on the album are “The Feeling,” Love Yourself” and “No Pressure.”

Overall, I think this is a great album that everyone needs to listen to.