Audience members make the performance

I walk into the auditorium, ready and excited to see the drama department’s new installment or the choir’s latest show. The seats toward the front are taken, so I sit in the middle. The lights dim and the show starts.

I am suddenly captivated by the talking directly behind me. That group is going to Braum’s for lunch? Sweet! I love their ice cream; it’s my favorite. Although the truly catching part of their discussion is when someone asks, “What did he say?” Oh, I love that so much because they were the ones talking while the actor was saying his lines. That’s really awesome.

I pay attention to the show on stage again, though not for long. The row in front of me is passing bright phone screens (or maybe they think them dim). I lean forward for a look at the cat meme. Aw, it’s so cute! Cats are just precious, and this poor one is stuck in something. I think I’m about to die from adorableness.

I try my best to pay attention to the show but everything around me is so interesting I can’t help myself. I mean, I paid money to see the show, but so did everyone else. Is it really my fault if the people around me are more interesting?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love the performances. My friends and classmates are putting out their hearts and souls on stage, and I know they’ve worked really hard to do well for their friends.

But can I be blamed when my other friends and classmates are having their own little performances in the audience? I’m sure they want just as much attention as the actors/actresses and singers/dancers do. I shouldn’t just leave them with an empty audience. It’s not fair to them.

I know we all paid money for this but maybe the audience performers wanted to get out of class. I know they couldn’t possibly have done the same performances in their classrooms. Or maybe they wanted to support the performances but decided they could put on a better act. Either way I get caught in their productions.

I really think we should all pay more attention to the enthralling performances in the audience than the ones on stage. They deserve it; they’ve worked hard for this. Especially with the Talent Show coming up in February, we all need to be aware of the other acts screaming for attention.

Sarcastically submitted.