High school does not fully prepare students

College is the one thing on many students’ minds the second they enter high school.

Some are not well-prepared for the world ahead. The study skills need to begin as soon as possible. According to a recent poll done by eight teachers at the high school, most teachers agreed the college preparations need to begin as early as freshman year.

However, that means students need to be independent learners before college. Students should build a good, solid work ethic, according to one questioned teacher.

Students should have skills such as writing, reading independently, presenting speeches and performing projects. These are obviously not expressed in a good portion of the school’s population.

Students who are currently training themselves to turn in homework, read books outside of school, take notes during class, be attentive in class and study properly will likely be more successful in college than those who are not doing such things.

Currently helping with college readiness are the College Bound (CB) and Advanced Placement (AP) English courses. These are for students who are focused and teachable according to one teacher surveyed. Teachers in these classes can teach note-taking, advanced writing, ACT Prep and how to fill out college applications without disruptive students in the classroom, according to a teacher.

In some cases, this seems to be a failed system. There are disruptive students placed in the CB course. It goes back to the student’s discipline and where their focus lies.

Some do not understand the importance of receiving a good education.

Another teacher said it seems some students want the reward of a good grade or the prestige of being in a particular class without having to put forth much effort. But others are very willing, and even eager, to earn the reward of being in the same class or organization as those ahead of them.

Many freshmen don’t try because they didn’t have to in middle school where everyone passes according to one teacher. Some of these students coming up are not truly ready for the higher education, because the middle school experience is easy.

Most students have not been pushed hard enough in their youth to be higher education bound, leaving high school instructors to have to slow down to remediate, another teacher said.

This issue obviously varies throughout the student population. Students can’t expect a good grade and not have the drive to succeed. In fact, that drive can be useful after the coursework in high school. Most employers look for people who are going to drive their business.

Students who are learning how to drive themselves now can easily have a future of success, not just in college, but in life.