Band holds second annual mattress sale

Most clubs and organizations throughout the school often do fundraisers. They hold bake sales and car washes. They sell candy bars and multiple other things to try to raise money.

The past couple years, however, the band has found a rather interesting way to raise the money they need.

Band director Jeramy Haas was approached last year about a “mattress fundraiser” that other schools were doing. After some thought, he decided it sounded like a cool idea.

Last year was the first year the band put the fundraiser together. Over a span of two days, they raised nearly $7,000. This year, the fundraiser only lasted one day, so Haas wasn’t expecting to get quite as much money out of it.

“If we get around $5,000, we’ll be very happy with that,” Haas said.

Band booster president Hadley Tolle said that she feels good about how the sale went this year.

Like most fundraisers, the money goes to general things the organization raising the money needs.

“The money raised here will go back to the band for various purchases,” Haas said.

Some of those purchases include but are not limited to equipment, food when traveling and helping with contests.

Haas is happy with the results of last year’s fundraiser. He plans to continue doing them annually considering they felt that it was successful.