Transportation costs may be cut

Pre-enrollment has commenced which means it is time to pick and choose how a student will spend their following high school year. Despite budget cuts and complicated scheduling, counselors plan on having all current electives continue to next year’s schedules.

However, a big fear for many students and teachers is the possibility that some electives could be cut from the curriculum. Considering the budget cuts by the state, district and school, the school getting rid of some of the non-core classes could be an option.

“I really don’t see that anything else could possibly be cut,” school senior counselor Kim Justus said. “Because we’re kind of down to the bare bones.”

Although there is no apparent sign of change to the number of electives, there is a chance that some electives themselves may be modified.

“I don’t see that anything else would be cut, but it might possibly change to something else,” Justus said. “We’ve talked about possibly having a creative writing class or more ACT prep classes, so we might add in some things.”

If anything does get cut, there are hopes that classes will be added to make up for the missing classes.

“If we have to cut something hopefully we’ll be able to replace it with something else,” Justus said. “We’ve also talked about putting in an art appreciation class.”

Because there are no real plans to cut electives, the budget is going to affect other areas in the school system.

“I think the biggest thing we’re going to see cuts on are things like bus trips,” Justus said. “We’re going to cut out some transportation costs. Travel, I think, is going to be our biggest cut at this moment.”

The fact that the budget is planned to avoid cutting through electives is reassuring to many students, but that does not stop the fact that anything could happen and some things aren’t avoidable.

“The biggest issue that would happen is if someone leaves, like if a teacher finds another job or resigns, then how do we replace that teacher,” Justus said. “Can we find somebody to teach the same thing? Is it going to be possible to even replace that person, or will the money be there to replace them? But at this moment they have told us that they are not cutting staff.”

Elective options for the upcoming year are expected to be just as varied as this year’s current options. Although the scheduling process can be tricky for students and counselors alike, it should be understood that there are foundations in the curriculum that are always taken into consideration.

“Here’s the deal, everything that we have felt like has been important to begin with, we’re going to try to stick with it, and that is definitely something that we value,” Justus said.