Students sign up for an educational journey


Stephen Melander, Pitchfork

Students from last year’s educational trip to Florida relax before dinner is served. Some students received high school and college credit.

As the second semester has started, dreams of summer are approaching, and with summer comes trips and camps to wonderful places.

This summer, biology teacher Todd Ledford will be flying out with a group of students to Florida to participate in things that most students don’t ever get to do. The trip includes many educational and outdoor experiences. People who take part get to swim with dolphins, hike in the Everglades at night, visit a sea turtle hospital, participate in dissections, snorkel in a reef, kayak and hike the mangrove and wild tamarind trails.

The trip is created by a company called WorldStrides. They aim to provide a safe and fun environment for students to learn with hands-on activities. Each activity introduces lessons of marine biology, environmental science and life science.

“It’s a class outside of the classroom,” Ledford said.

Along with having a great time, students can also earn high school and college credit by going on the trip and doing assignments related to the activities on WorldStrides’ website.

There are groups from all across the country that attend. This gives attendees a chance to develop new relationships with people they would never get to meet otherwise, as well as build stronger bonds with their fellow classmates.

“All of the kids that went last year had a blast and learned a lot,” Ledford said.

The camp will take place June 17-22, and Ledford is planning on taking 10 to 20 students. They will be staying at a hotel and will be driven to the various destinations. Students who want to attend will have to pay around $2,000, and Ledford is planning on trying to come up with ways to fundraise for the trip.

If one is unable to attend, there’s always next year. Ledford is thinking about taking a group on a similar trip to Costa Rica.

For those interested, the deadline to sign up is around the first week of February.