New side shown in “Miracle” performance

As the holiday season approaches, the Duncan Little Theatre has been helping people all around the community get in the Christmas Spirit by putting on a production of “Miracle on 34 Street. The play showed on Nov. 13, 14, 20 and 21 at the Simmons Center.

Three Duncan High School students had roles in this play. These students are sophomore Mikayla Amaya, junior Brady Henricks and senior Elizabeth Miller.

Amaya played the role of Charlie Halloran, a campaign manager to the judge.

“I have had to try really hard to figure out this character, because it is originally played by a man, and the character isn’t at all like my personality,” Amaya said.

This was her 28th play, and she has done a lot of work out of state in places such as New York and California. Her last two plays were off-Broadway shows in New York.

“Well, I usually do musicals, and this show is just an acting play,” Amaya said. “Usually I have a main role, but this show I’ve had a supporting role, which has been nice to get a break and get to experience more behind the scenes.”

Amaya had to give up many other things to be dedicated to this play. This included giving up her time sleeping and being with family.

“For me, it does take time away from other things, because I do have rehearsals for other shows I am doing, so I rarely get to go home after school,” Amaya said. “To have a good show, I think it is worth it to spend that much time doing it.”

Henricks played the part of Mr. Bloomingdale, the owner of Bloomingdale’s Department Store.

“This is the smallest role I’ve ever had,” Henricks said. “I got to see a lot more of the little things that go on with the show and how every volunteer that helps contributes in a meaningful way and makes the whole thing work.”

This was Henricks’s eighth play, and seven of them have been for Duncan Little Theatre. The other was with Hodgson Studio.

“Every one I do is special, because it’s a chance to perform next to people I have watched since I was about six,” Henricks said. “To be performing with these people is always special.”

Even though Amaya and Henricks had smaller roles in “Miracle on 34 Street,” they enjoyed getting to see a different side of acting by having a smaller part.