Staff Picks: Mocking Girl from Badlands- Supergirl

“Supergirl” aired on CBS in Jul. 8, 2015. She is played by Melissa Benoist. This show is definitely worth the time to watch. Like any superhero origin story, Supergirl has a team of her closest friends who help her on missions, including Winslow Schott, Jimmy Olsen and occasionally Cat Grant, as well as the Department of Extranormal Operations, or DEO.

As she struggles with her job at CatCo (National City’s version of the online Daily Planet) and her crush on the new staff member Jimmy Olsen (played by Mechad Brooks), she has to protect the planet from escaped Kryptonian prisoners from Fort Rozz, a Kryptonian prison that held Krypton’s most dangerous inmates.

If it wasn’t bad enough that she has to fight criminal aliens, she also has to protect her friends from her aunt, who is bent on destroying the remaining memory of her mother by killing her.

As she goes on her journey of life as a hero, she unlocks her true powers and weaknesses. She may already have the same powers as her cousin, the famous Superman (aka Clark Kent), but they are not as strong as his. Her foster parents tried to protect her from the world by concealing her powers.

The graphics are also very good. I would like to see more lasers and super powers that make designers use better quality special effects. Speaking of, “Supergirl” has almost the exact same animation as “The Flash” and “Arrow,” which could hint at possible crossover episodes with this series. That would be great if “Supergirl” crossed over, because it could hint at a possible Super Friends or Justice League television series. As for stars, I give this “super friendly” show 4 out of 5 Stars.