May the merchandise be with you

As with most successful movies, merchandise based on the film is produced and sold. Star Wars, being one of the most highly known and beloved film series, has also become a major franchise and cultural phenomenon. Star Wars merchandise had earned more money by 1997 than the three original films combined.

There’s a range of different Star Wars related doodads available on the market. Merchandise goes beyond the typical lightsaber. Items such as office supplies, costumes, musical instruments, collectible figurines, room decor, kitchenware, cosmetics and even jewelry are stamped with the iconic logo.

For those who play guitar and want their jam sessions to be out of this world, a Millennium Falcon guitar is just the thing to rock out with. Doni Custom Guitars uses recycled Millennium Falcon toys and models to create the instrument. They even add LED lights to add to the spaceship effect. The guitars are available on their website,

Another ridiculous yet awesome Star Wars item is a toaster shaped as Darth Vader’s helmet. As if that wasn’t enough, the toaster stamps bread with “Star Wars” on one side and Darth Vader’s head on the other. Bed Bath & Beyond and Gamestop have the item.

Going to school in style can sometimes be difficult. There’s a Chewbacca backpack that makes this task a breeze. The bag features a fur hood and a strap that goes across the chest, along with Rebel insignia. Hot Topic sells these furry pieces.

Forget about Apple watches. Special edition Star Wars watches are the best choice for wrist candy. A company called Devon sells them on their website, These watches resemble Darth Vader’s armor as well as Imperial TIE Fighters, and there are only 500 of them being sold. Unfortunately, it comes at the humongous price of $28,500. Someone would have to be a major fan to swipe out that amount of cash.

Speaking of committed fans, Paul Michael Design created a personal engagement ring that is inspired by R2-D2. The diamonds on the ring copy the famous color scheme of the droid. The side of the ring is even patterned to look like its legs.

For fans who want to show their love but not with big bucks, CoverGirl has released a Star Wars collection to celebrate the upcoming movie. There are items inspired by the light side or the dark side. These items are available at Walmart and most drugstores.

Star Wars isn’t just a series of movies to some. The quirky merchandise that is available takes the universe to a whole other level.