Interruptions cut into learning time

Needless to say, students have been taken out of class very often recently, especially sophomores. Not only do we have the regular pep rallies, but we have had extra assemblies during different periods of the school day. They have interrupted quite a few days that students could use to learn. Unnecessary pep rallies and assemblies inhibit all students’ learning, but excessive testing of sophomores has occurred so that most of the sophomores’ teachers have had several days of valuable teaching time taken from them. There needs to be fewer unnecessary disruptions in sophomore classes.

This regular occurrence needs to stop in order for students to learn effectively.

Many students do not realize how much time and knowledge is being taken from them, because they enjoy not being in class.Therefore, they don’t protest all of the distractions that occur so often. But, we still have standards to meet and lessons to learn in order for us to pass EOIs and semester exams.

When that class time is taken from us, information has to be crammed into our heads very quickly in order to make up for the time that we lost from being taken out of class.

Teachers’ classes have been interrupted mainly by the mandatory tests that sophomores have had to take. Several weeks ago, all sophomores were forced to take the ACT Plan test, and a couple of weeks after that, we were all forced to take a different, longer form of the same test. In order to take this, half of the sophomores were taken out of class all morning of one day of one week. The rest of the sophomores were taken out of class all morning of a different day of the same week.

Teachers couldn’t continually teach a lesson all week long, which was disruptive and annoying. Half of the class had to catch up on what the other half had already learned, which wasted time. Some teachers couldn’t teach anything for two days of the week because half of their students weren’t there. This was extremely disruptive and harmful to the sophomores’ learning environment, and the administration can’t expect us to perform well when they put us through these kinds of things. They also can’t blame us when we are not learning things at the pace that we probably should be.