Beauty products cause animal cruelty

Eyes burning, skin frying, lacking affection and care. This is what animals in cosmetic laboratories deal with daily. In the U.S. 100 million animals are burned, poisoned and abused each year. Animals such as mice, rats, rabbits and guinea pigs are tested on for cosmetic purposes, as well as many other species that fall into an unspecified category. These animals are used for experiments such as skin sensitization, skin irritation/corrosion, eye irritation/corrosion, acute oral toxicity, acute dermal toxicity, acute inhalation toxicity, developmental toxicity and many others.

These experiments are disgustingly cruel. For example, in a test for developmental toxicity, 480 rabbits and 1,300 rats are impregnated and exposed to the chemicals, usually by force-feeding, throughout the whole pregnancy. Then, the day before she is expected to give birth, she is killed and her pups are cut out from her body and tested on for abnormalities according to In another experiment for acute dermal toxicity, 20 rats, rabbits or guinea pigs undergo testing by having the test substance applied to their shaven skin and covered by a patch to prevent it from being removed. The purpose of this experiment is to determine how much of the substance will cause half of the animals to die within two weeks of applying the substance every day.

To perform these experiments it’s costly and sometimes ineffective. Solutions to this problem exist in the many alternatives that have been developed that do not require the use of animals. Some of these alternatives include tests using human cells and tissues, advanced computer-modeling techniques and studies with human volunteers in which they use methods that do not harm the volunteer. An organization called PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and their affiliates fund the development of these methods. These modern methods are cheaper, humane and actually relevant to human health. Even though these methods are more beneficial than testing on animals, some scientists still insist on sticking to their sickening ways.

Many companies that use these barbaric experiments are some that you may not expect and are quite popular. These brands include: Johnson & Johnson, Pampers, Secret, Maybelline, St. Ives, MAC, CoverGirl and many others. Some of these brands I used daily, and I even recommended their products to other people. Since finding out about these pathetic tests being done on millions of innocent animals, I have made the decision to only use products that are made by cruelty-free companies. All of these animals suffer and die just for a bottle of foundation or an eyeshadow palette. To solve this issue, I encourage others to take the same stand, and hopefully the United States will join the many other countries that have banned the use of animal testing on cosmetics.