Jenner is undeserving

Caitlyn Jenner is the focus of many debates lately. Between her amazing transformation and winning the Woman of the Year award, she has started quite the controversy.

Like many other women across the country, I’m not super happy about Jenner winning. I do totally support her as a woman, and I love how far she’s come in her transformation and how much support she has brought the transgender community. However, one specific comment she made ruined any support I had for her winning the award.

“The hardest part about being a woman is figuring out what to wear,” Jenner said. “It’s always that way.”

Although I’m sure she didn’t mean for it to be taken literally, as a woman I can’t help but take it seriously.

I highly doubt child brides in other countries would think the hardest part about their lives would be getting dressed, and I’m sure the 250,000 women who are raped or victims of attempted rape annually wouldn’t either.

There are women who have experienced motherhood. They have carried their children inside them for nine months before the actual birth and raised these little people into functioning adults, through messy diapers and teaching them how to walk all the way to their rebellious teenage years. I’m sure after shoving a small person out of her body she hardly think the hardest part of being a woman is deciding what to wear.

I have friends who have period cramps so bad they have prescription medicine to help with the pain, and they sometimes have to stay in bed for days at a time until the misery ends. Caitlyn grew up as Bruce, so she can’t totally be blamed for her lack of knowledge. But it’s about time she started learning.

Growing up as a girl there’s a constant inequality. If someone can’t do something well, they do it “like a girl.” And there’s the constant, “you can’t do this; you’re a girl.” I can’t even count the number of times my cousins got to go somewhere or do something I didn’t get to do  because of my gender, which, let me just say, is infuriating.

Another thing basically every girl ever has dealt with is school dress codes. There was a news article making its way around Facebook a few weeks ago about an elementary schooler that had been sent home for wearing leggings and a big shirt. As if there is honestly anything sexual about a little girl in leggings whatsoever. As we get to high school it just gets worse and worse. Everything we wear is somehow sexualized. I guess Jenner has never had to deal with that, though.

Personally, I think the hardest part of growing up a girl is being taught from such a young age to be afraid to live like a regular person. As early as I can remember my mother has always taught me to stay off dark roads, don’t walk down an alley, always have your keys in hand on the way to the car, beware of your surroundings and don’t go places alone. Girls are usually given pepper spray or some other form of protection by the time they’re in middle school. There’s a general sense of fear instilled in every girl from such a young age and that’s so sad.

As women we face so many things and until she has experienced any of them, I hardly think Caitlyn gets to talk about what the hardest part of being a woman is.