New commercialized Christmas


As we approach the Christmas season most people are worrying about what they should get their family and/or friends. They stress over it, and it begins to consume them.

Black Friday doesn’t help with this. Stores almost always have “the best deals” on Black Friday, and it’s even been pushed into Thanksgiving. (How is it Black Friday when it’s on a Thursday? Just throwing that out there.)

People then have to start thinking about what they want for Christmas before we’ve even gotten to Thanksgiving. Then others rush to the stores to buy the “one thing that he/she just has to have,” then the person may not want the item later on. This is right after everyone is so grateful and thankful for what they already have. Thanks America.

Why do we ask for things anyway? Fashion goes out of style, and that new game will be defeated soon enough. Most of the things we ask for are material objects that we use to get away from family.

Which is why this new Commercialized Christmas of stressing over gifts is silly. Christmas is about being with family and/or loved ones. It’s about getting together and having good, quality time with each other.

The gifts really aren’t the important thing, anyway. Getting stuff is nice, but giving is what Christmas is also about. One doesn’t even have to give a gift of monetary value. Handmade things can be seen as cheesy, but it really is the thought that counts. It doesn’t even have to be super amazing. Knowing someone had to put time and effort into the gift rather than scouring store shelves for something on the person’s list is what matters. If someone cares more about a gift than a relationship then the relationship isn’t worth being in.

Watching movies and getting what one wished for are fun things, but really it’s the memories with the people one spent Christmas with that day. Don’t stress about getting or giving gifts too much. Take a hold of how one is spending his or her time and take care to spend it with loved ones because we only have so much time here on Earth to be with them.