Teen-tutoring program begun on Mondays

MONDAY, MONDAY, MONDAY! Late start Mondays have given rise to Monday tutoring in Spanish teacher Mary Dayton’s classroom. Dayton has opened up her classroom during the first part of Monday mornings to anyone that needs help in any class. Assisted by several students from around the school, Dayton tutors students from the ineligibility list and gets them to passing grades and off the ineligibility list, so they can start participating in sports and school activities.

After seeing students wasting late start Mondays by not doing anything academic and the amount of students failing classes, Dayton wanted to use the time that students did not spend in the classroom and help them with school work.

“It does no good for a student to receive a zero,” Dayton said.

If a student comes for help, she looks up what they need help with, finds a student tutor who can help and assigns them to the student.

Dayton started the tutoring because she was a Sylvan Learning Centers tutor and has experience in tutoring from an old teaching job.

Dayton started asking some of her students to help her fulfill her desire to tutor to students during late start Mondays. One of these students who was selected to help is junior Kennedy Stewart.

“[I started tutoring by] being in her Spanish class and asked to sign up if they were good in a subject,” Stewart said. “I like helping out.”

Stewart said she helps prepare students to take the ACT tests. She helps by giving practice tests and general tutoring. Stewart also helps with some homework that students might have.

Sophomore Austin Voorhees regularly attends the morning tutoring and has shown the most improvement by going from being on the ineligibility list to having mostly As and Bs in every class.

“I find it really helpful,” Voorhees said.

He said he feels good about being in the first group for the new program and that he likes it a lot.

“My favorite part would be seeing that teachers and students do care and want to help,” Voorhees said.