Dueling opinions- Abortion: murder or a human right?

Pro- Choice

One of the biggest controversial debates in America: Is abortion murder, should it be legal?

I am about completely to the left as it gets. Abortion should be legal, in any circumstance, for any reason.

About 88 percent of legal abortions occur within the first initial 12-13 weeks of a pregnancy, right around when the heartbeat can first be heard, before it can really be considered life at all. The absolute latest time a legal abortion can be performed is at 24 weeks, when the fetus has a chance of surviving outside the womb. Very few states allow such late abortions, and one could only get the procedure done after this time due to health concerns.

Abortions can only be performed when the fetus has very little chance of survival outside the body of another and some when it doesn’t even have a heart beat. I’m confused as to why this would be considered murder at all.

The biggest issue is that it’s not okay to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body; if there is something growing inside of her, she should have to right to remove it. Just like she would have the right to remove anything else growing inside her that she didn’t want there. A fetus is not the same thing as a baby. It should never come before an actual living person with friends and family, with a life and the ability to exist without needing to live off the body of another.

One of the arguments people will bring up is, “Well if she didn’t want a baby she shouldn’t be having unprotected sex,” or, “If she’s mature enough to have sex she’s mature enough to deal with what resulted from it.” Here’s the problem with this way of thinking.

For one, birth control and condoms are not 100 percent effective. A woman can be on birth control and her partner can wear a condom, and unfortunately, she can still get pregnant. Not all unwanted pregnancies result from unprotected sex. They just don’t.

Second, saying that if she’s mature enough to have sex she’s mature enough to handle the pregnancy almost implies that a pregnancy is a punishment and that a woman should be punished for having consensual sex. A pregnancy is not a punishment; it should never be looked at or considered a punishment. If anyone sees it as one, maybe they should reevaluate their way of thinking.

Having a baby should be a beautiful thing, not a thing that was forced on someone who didn’t want it for whatever reason.

We cannot take organs from the body of a person who was not an organ donor. That is their body, and even after death they have all rights to that body. It is theirs, and it was their choice to not become an organ donor. Even if the organs from that specific body were the only ones that could save hundreds of people, we still could not take those organs. If we cannot mess with the body of a dead person, because that’s their body and their choice, how is it okay to force a living woman to do something with her body she does not want to do?  

Often times “pro-choice” is confused with pro-abortion. I am not pro-abortion. No one is pro-abortion. Abortion is an extremely difficult thing to do, and a woman who has an abortion will always live with that decision. It’s not about being pro-abortion. It’s being pro-choice, it’s saying that women deserve the right to choose if a pregnancy is something they can or want to handle. It’s saying, “I don’t know every single woman who will ever be faced with this situation, and I don’t know exactly why she would make this decision, so who am I to stop her?” Not only that, it’s about realizing that a woman should never be forced to experience an unwanted pregnancy and all the things that will come because of the pregnancy.

At the end of the day, if it’s not your uterus and you will not have to deal with the pregnancy nor the baby that will come from it, then you shouldn’t have any say.