Dueling opinions- Abortion: murder or a human right?

Pro- Life

Society used to mourn babies who died while in the womb and, in some cases, it still does. Their families name them, bury them, mourn them and perhaps even count them as a part of the family. These babies are known as stillborn babies.

Now, however, many babies that die in the womb aren’t loved, aren’t cared about. In fact, while they’re still alive and growing, their mothers want to get rid of them before birth. So they have them killed after all, pregnancy is inconvenient. The babies are killed, doctors are paid for the operations and, in some cases, their body parts are allegedly illegally sold. This is what is accepted by society today, and I believe that it shouldn’t be.

When I think about abortion, I can’t help but compare it to the Casey Anthony case of a few years back. Though she was not convicted of the charges, Casey was accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee Anthony, so that she could keep living the good life, undistracted by an inconvenient daughter.

What differentiates an act such as this from an abortion? In both cases, an inconvenient offspring is taken out of the picture by its death. In both cases, a mother can stop worrying about her child and possibly keep living a life of revelry. In both cases, an innocent baby has lost its life.

Recently, the man who killed several people at an Aurora, Colorado showing of “The Dark Knight Rises” was sentenced to life in prison. Even as the story about the verdict was making headlines, videos were revealed that allegedly showed officials of the abortion-providing organization Planned Parenthood discussing the illegal sale of body parts of aborted fetuses. I, for one, find it odd that society is okay with letting murderers such as the Aurora shooter live while also being fine with letting innocent future people, whose only crimes are that they exist, be killed by doctors who allegedly sell their body parts for money.

The main argument for abortion is that the fetus is part of its mother’s body, and therefore, the mother can choose what she wants done to it. I find issue with this for several reasons. First of all, no other part of the body, to my non-doctoral knowledge, can develop its own heart, mind, eyes, teeth, arms and legs, and can be separated from the body and become another person. Starfish can do that with their body parts, but unfortunately, humans are not starfish. A fetus is part of a biological system designed to facilitate human reproduction, it is the growing body of a new person and it should be regarded as such, not just as another part of a female’s body.

Also, even assuming that a fetus is just another part of a mother’s body, abortion still doesn’t make sense. If a woman wanted to cut off her hand which is a part of her body, by the way society would view that woman as being insane and would try to stop her. Why is this? It’s part of her body, after all. Why can’t she decide what to do with it? If a fetus is also part of a mother’s body, then where is the alarm when she tries to have it removed? A growing fetus is as natural as a hand but apparently, only the thing that can develop into a new human being can be sanely cut off.

There are cases where a woman just can’t care for a child or claims that she isn’t ready to. For cases such as these, I believe that abortion still is not the answer. In such circumstances, there should be orphanages or other child care services available to take in the unwanted children. Killing an unborn baby is still not the answer.

There are some cases, though, in which abortion is acceptable, but they are few and far between. One situation in which I could condone an abortion is in a case where the mother and/or the baby would clearly die during childbirth. Another is in the case of pregnancies due to rape. In each case, there needs to be a clear-cut system of laws and regulations that indicate whether an abortion is acceptable, and they need to be acceptable only in such cases as those mentioned above.

However, on the whole, abortion is a terrible practice. Society views murder as immoral, but killing a fetus that will become a person assuming one doesn’t classify a fetus as being a person in the first place is apparently fine, and that is positively disgusting. That fetus being killed could be the next Albert Einstein, the next George Washington, the next Mother Teresa. By killing an unborn child, the mother could be robbing the world of a person who could grow up to cure cancer, become president or lead mankind out into space. What gives a mother who simply doesn’t want the responsibility or burden of having a child the right to rob the world of a unique, complex human being and to rob that human being of its right to life?

I say nothing does. I say that abortion defies any kind of moral code that humans, as a race, may have. I say that any attempts to justify abortion, aside from in a few edge cases, defy all logic. I say that abortion should not be legal.