Music to Your Peers

A band called Nicnos will join the choir and band students on stage to showcase them in front of their peers in the auditorium on Nov. 9. They are doing this as part of a program they started called Music to your Peers. Nicnos is an Oklahoma City based band. It originated in 2009 and plays a unique blend of rock and blues. The band has five members, all of which take part in vocals: Josh Cox (lead vocals and rhythm guitar), Nick Sigman (lead guitar), Jared Gaiser (bass guitar), Jerred Bauer (drums) and Blake Parks (fiddle). Parks is also the son of Duncan locals, Kenny and Cindy Parks, and graduated from Duncan in 2006.

Nicnos started Music to your Peers, a type of Artist-in-Residence program. Artist-in-Residence programs are an opportunity for any type of artist to take time and space away from their normal environment to reflect, research and/or present what they have to say to crowds. They started this program to connect with high school students and teach them how to be successful in life and incorporate their unique sound. Duncan will be their first place to visit. To attend the event, tickets will be $5 and half of the ticket sales will be donated to the school’s choir and band programs. The other half will be donated to an underfunded music program in Oklahoma. This event will be a great opportunity to help support Duncan’s band and choir students and learn important knowledge for the future.