Confederate Flags: A representation of soldiers

The Rebel flag is seen by most people and media as a symbol of racism and hate, but I see it as a way to remember the men who fought for states’ rights.

In January of 1861 the southern half of the United States (U.S.) seceded to form their own country. Well, the United States at the time did not want the south to secede because it produced most of all the cotton and back then cotton was very important.

Of course, that wasn’t the only reason the U.S. didn’t want them to secede, but it was a major one.

In April of 1861 the Union, the northern states, declared war on the South after the Confederates attacked Fort Sumter in Virginia. After this, more northern states sent troops to fight the South. This caused more neutral states and territories to join the fight for the South. In northern Virginia they adopted a flag for their army that resembled what we know today as the Rebel Flag, and that pattern soon spread throughout the Confederacy.

The pattern was adopted to the Confederate Navy and an army regiment in Tennessee. The pattern soon spread to more units in the C.S.A. (Confederate States of America) armies.

This caused the flag’s popularity to grow and it soon became a symbol for the Confederacy.

Today the flag is flown by people, including myself, who want to remember the men who died trying to keep their freedoms. These freedoms were more than owning slaves, they also included rights to make their own laws and do business with other countries as they see fit.

The flag has been a center of controversy for years, but a few moths ago there was a very tragic shooting in Charleston, South Carolina, where a young white gunman killed nine black people during a prayer meeting. After the shooting, police found a picture of the gunman posing with a rebel flag, so people instantly assumed it was because of that flag. People thought the flag stood for hating the blacks and promoted slavery. One person’s insanity and possessions should not condemn anybody who might own or want to own that object.

Neither of those things are true. The flag stood for a rebellion that was fighting to give states the right to abolish what they wanted and keep what they wanted.

Because of these reasons, I believe that the rebel flag can and should be flown to remember the men who gave their life, both Southern and Northern soldiers, fighting for what they believed was right.