Confederate Flags: A symbol of hate

The Confederate flag means different things to many people. To some people, it is a symbol of southern heritage and pride. To others, it stands for racism and a pro-slavery mentality. To me, it represents an outdated way of thinking and living.

Lately, rebel flags have been popping up a lot and have raised quite a controversy. I join the side against it.

One reason why I disagree with it is that recently, it has been used to support major racist movements. Some of these movements include the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and Black Panther Group rallies that took place this summer. Both groups joined outside the South Carolina Capitol in July to protest the removal of the flag from S.C. statehouse grounds. These events make people who have recently started to fly the flag look as if they are in support of these groups, even if they’re not.

The flag already has a negative image regarding racism. During the Civil War, slavery was in the process of being abolished and many people have always regarded the flag as a symbol of white supremacy. Although the main goal of the war wasn’t to free slaves, I still feel it is offensive to display the flag because discrimination still played a big role in it.

Since racial issues have become more of a problem in the media these last couple of years, I feel like the flag being displayed is adding fuel to the fire by creating more arguments and becoming a distraction from the overall problem.

People who support the flag would argue that it shows southern heritage, or as some say, “heritage over hate.” I can agree that it supports a heritage, a heritage of hate. This heritage revolves around conflict, and I don’t feel that’s the best way to show southern pride. The rebel flag denotes a time when the suppression of others was glorified. To use the flag as a symbol of the south would portray it as a region of warmongering rebels.

Supporters can also bring up the fact that all flags have a dirtied past. I agree, but with the Confederate flag, it’s difficult to look past the bad image for a majority of people. During the time of the Civil War, the United States was not united. Minorities didn’t have rights. A lot of people weren’t free.

Even though the flag has positive aspects, I just feel that it represents more negative things than positive.