Makeup is OK, I guess

Most girls wear makeup. In fact, it’s become a social norm. Everyone assumes that all girls wear makeup. If a female isn’t wearing it, other women think she’s at least wearing mascara or something.

I think it’s become so normal that most people don’t consider going somewhere without makeup an option. It’s simply another part of the routine.

However, I know there are some girls who don’t wear makeup, for I am one of them. It’s not always because we’re lazy. Some of us don’t like it and others have never considered it.

Before I continue, I want everyone to know that I’m fine with people who do wear makeup all the time. I simply want to remind them that not wearing makeup is an option, too.

I think there are definitely perks to not wearing makeup. For instance, a girl breaks out and puts on makeup to cover it up. This is fine until one of the ingredients clogs pores in her skin causing it to worsen. Someone who chooses not to wear makeup doesn’t have to worry about worsening her skin blemish. I do understand that some people have skin more prone to break out, but that’s for another time.

Other women use makeup to enhance certain features, but I don’t understand the need to enhance oneself every day. I wonder if one enhances herself all the time what she will do when a special occasion comes. A woman can only enhance so much.

An experiment was conducted by BuzzFeed between two girls. One who wore makeup all the time went a week without any in the article “Things You Learn When You Don’t Wear Makeup For A Week.” In that same week another girl who never wore makeup wore it all week in the article “What I Learned When I Started Wearing Makeup For A Week.”

At the beginning of the week, neither of them felt very confident. By the end of the week, they had a newfound confidence. Although they both tend to stick with their choice before that week, they do occasionally change it up, which I think is good. They found that neither decision of choosing to wear or not wear makeup is bad, only different.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what one’s choice is. Neither is bad, but neither is good either. They are simply different ways one can present herself. It’s fine to do either, but I think changing it up every so often is a good thing to do.