Trump: Should he be the next president? Yep

Donald Trump is most often ridiculed for his harsh comments aimed at illegal immigrants and for his seemingly misogynistic attitude, but on the flip side, his most loyal supporters rally behind him because they’re sick and tired of political correctness, something Trump proudly lacks. The thing most people are neglecting to acknowledge is that, like it or not, in today’s world running for president effectively is 90 percent empty rhetoric and only 10 percent true speech; it’s all a game of poker in which the winner becomes the most powerful person in the free world, and at least for right now, Trump is holding onto a straight flush.

A common misconception that is thrown around about Trump is that he hates Mexicans; however, this couldn’t be further from the truth. In an interview in July, he said, “Many fabulous people come in from Mexico, and our country is better for it. But these people are here legally, and are severely hurt by those coming in illegally.”  

Although his support remains strong, the number of people who are opposed to the Republican party’s front runner is growing every day. Many American voters are either sick of hearing about the Trump candidacy or they’re growing more skeptical about his lack of intensive detail on many of the big issues our country is facing today. The national debt is at 18.5 trillion dollars and climbing by millions of dollars every second that passes. Very few are better suited to present and enact a solution to this predicament than Trump who has proven his cutthroat business tactics to be effective time and time again, after all there’s no other candidate in the 2016 race who is a self-made billionaire. If, for no other reason, the way Trump has gotten the people in America involved in the presidential election like never before should, at the very least, earn one’s civility towards the man.