Trump: Should he be the next president? Nope

As the presidential elections draw closer and closer we’re beginning to see just who our next president could be. Among some of the Republican candidates there’s one name in particular everyone seems to be concerned about: Donald Trump.

Trump is quite possibly the worst candidate there is, and there are too many people who think he, and the things he wants to do, are a joke.

Of the many problems with this man, his racist view on immigrants is possibly one of the worst. He has been quoted giving multiple racist comments and inspired a father and son to beat with a metal pole and urinate on a Mexican homeless man. When asked about it, Trump told the New York Times, “my followers are passionate.”

He also has the full support of a former KKK (Klu Klux Klan) leader, David Duke, and there are people who scream “white power” at his rallies. Considering people generally vote for people with the same beliefs and opinions as themselves, these two things alone say quite a bit about him and the things he believes.

Trump’s attitude toward women is another problem. He recently made a comment on his daughter’s figure saying that he would probably be dating her if she wasn’t his daughter, which is incredibly disturbing. He also told a contestant on “The Apprentice” that it would be a pretty picture to see her on her knees. When a reporter was asking him important, relevant questions about his attitude towards women, he said she must be on her period. He was also accused of rape after what was described as a “violent encounter” with his ex-wife. She claims it was not the first time he had made her feel violated.

Another problem with Trump, he never really explains how he’s going to do anything. Ever. He talks about how he’s going to get rid of Obamacare and replace it with “something terrific,” but that’s it. No plans or ideas, no walkthrough of what he dislikes about Obamacare, and nothing about this “terrific” thing he intends to replace it with. It’s a recurring thing too. Everyone knows Trump has extreme views about illegal immigrants, but even when it comes to that all he’s talked about is mass deportation and an end to birthright citizenship. He has no actual plan to handle illegal immigration, at least, not one he’s talked about. He keeps claiming all these great plans are coming soon, but we’re still here waiting.

When asked how he planned to bring back the American dream his reply was, “Look. We can bring the American dream back. That I will tell you. We’re bringing it back. OK? And I understand what you’re saying, and I get that from so many people. They’re asking the question ‘is the American dream dead?’ And the American dream is in trouble. That I can tell you. Okay? It’s in trouble. But we’re going to get it back and do some real jobs.”

Then he went on about someone’s great red hat.