Coffee bar at school opening soon

The library will soon be opening the coffee bar outside of it. The opening date is to be determined. The bar was built into the bond plans. It has been approved by the school board but still needs to be approved by the child nutrition department of Duncan Public Schools. They have requirements such as the caloric value in the products and what times the coffee bar can be open.

The profits are a fundraiser for the library since librarian Lacey Graham plans to use this money for new books and technological devices to get more students into the library.

Various products will be sold. Products include caffeinated coffee, decaffeinated coffee and iced coffee along with various syrup flavors. Apple cider and hot chocolate may be sold in later months.

Graham’s plan is to price 12-16 ounce cups between $1-$2. She would also like to provide entertainment, such as chess and magazines, while one drinks a beverage to give it more of a coffee bar feel.