New coffee shop opens


For some people, opening a shop is something they’ve always wanted. Such is the case for Karen Pope, owner of Jitters coffee shop. She and her daughter, Keri Brewer, opened this shop on Sept. 1.

“We wanted something that we could do for fun,” Brewer said. “Mom is retired, so she was kind of twiddling her thumbs and wanted something, and I was looking for something different to do.”

In June they came up with the idea to open a coffee shop, which they named Jitters. They began planning and looking for ways to decorate the shop.

“We tried to appeal to everyone,” Brewer said.

Before they opened, they were trained by Coffee City USA, the company who provides Jitters with their coffee beans and other products, how to make the different types of coffee and use the machines. Training consisted of how to grind the coffee beans, use the machines to make the drinks, do a process called frothing, and other similar things.

Senior Lindsey Trostle has gone to Jitters a few times and loves it.

“It’s almost like going to Starbucks, but it’s closer,” she said. “The people are really, really nice and sweet. They work really fast, and they work as a team.”

Jitters’ most popular flavors are the toasted marshmallow frappuccino (frappé) and the nutella frappé. Trostle’s favorite product is the iced caramel frappé. However, there are other options besides coffee at Jitters, such as frozen hot chocolate and two herbal tea flavors consisting of apricot mango and raspberry hibiscus.

Jitters has thought about having a coffee and karaoke night or showing a movie, but nothing is concrete.

“It’s been so unbelievably busy that we haven’t even had time to think beyond that,” Pope said.

Currently Pope and Brewer do not want to hire anyone since their original plan for Jitters was for it to be the two of them.

“We want to keep it this size, at least for the time being, where we can manage it ourselves and enjoy being together,” Pope said.

Brewer and Pope plan to keep it this way for now because they like their hours. Pope and Brewer are hopeful to make Jitters how they want it to be.

“We want it to be a place where people feel like they can come and relax and visit with their friends, meet new people and just enjoy a good cup of coffee,” Brewer said.

Jitters is located at 1206 Hwy 81 one the West side of the mall. They have wi-fi, and their operation hours are Monday through Friday, 6 a.m. —

2 p.m.