Shelter from the Storm

On Thursday Sept. 17, Duncan played OKC Storm and won three of five games. OKC Storm is a team comprised of only homeschooled students from the Oklahoma City area.

In the first game, Duncan won 25-22. The second game also ended up with a win from Duncan at 25-21. However, Duncan lost the third and fourth game at 17-25 and 19-25. The tiebreaker finished at 15-11, with Duncan winning the match.

All of the games were fairly even, with the scores being equal for most of the second game. During the same game, junior Perri Presgrove took a fall and was temporarily injured, sitting out for the rest of the game. However, she started off the third set, making a flawless serve.

The student section showed support that night by wearing ponchos and bringing umbrellas because of their opponent’s team name, Storm. Towards the end of the fourth game, Storm’s JV players and the student section exchanged some heated trash talk, each side jeering and celebrating when their team made a point.

Although Storm won the game where the talk started between the teams, Duncan won the last game, winning the night’s match.