First win for Duncan against Guthrie


For the first touchdown of the game, senior Trenton Bell brings upset to Blue Jays. Demons win 28-27 in the final moments of Sept. 4 game.

Demons went for a win against the Guthrie Bluejays on Sept. 4. The game brought excitement and large game play where the Demons wiped out the Bluejays.

Senior Trenton Bell scored the first touchdown of the game with 6:13 minutes left in the first quarter. Junior Nathan Rushin later brought the score to 9-0 with 9:04 minutes to go in the second quarter. Later, senior Aaron Haley scored a strong catch at 1 down and 10 to go at the 35 yard line, and sophomore Coby Kirkland made a touchdown with 3:36 minutes for a score of 16-0. The Bluejays scored eight points with 1:20 minutes left in the second quarter for a final score of 16-15 in the quarter. In the final quarter of the game, the Bluejays brought the school to 16-21 with 8:45 minutes left in the game. Demons got first down and 10 with 5:35 minutes to go and gain momentum. Haley made a touchdown with 4:30 minutes left of the game and lands the demons 16-21. Within the final moments of play, demons win 28-27 by running the clock.