Band takes home Sweepstakes

On April 15 the band received Sweepstakes when they went to University of Oklahoma. Sweepstakes is equivalent to state competition as in sports. Sweepstakes is a combination of how they did in the marching and concert season. The band got all 1’s which is essentially a perfect score. They have won Sweepstakes six years in a row.

“I’ve never heard of anyone doing that,” senior Jessica Haas said.

Sophomore Hannah Eaglin who participated in the event said the hard work paid off.

“I feel like it’s well deserved,” she said. “The monotonous rehearsing of the same songs [became] worth it.”

Having to prepare for the competition was hard work according to band director Jeramy Haas.

“It took a lot of effort and coming in early everyday,” he said. “It took a lot of effort outside of class.”

The best part about teaching band was watching someone struggle and then finally get it right after all the practices, according to Jeramy.

“In class 5A we are the only band to have a six year winning streak,” Jeramy said.

Eaglin’s favorite part of the competition was playing in the OU band room.

“It was really cool,” she said. “We got to meet their band director.”

Jessica hopes to leave behind a year with good times and lots of memories.

“I’ll miss most of the people and playing with them,” she said. “We’ve been pretty much together 24/7. We all have just become so close.”