Riots, chaos, things burning everywhere and multiple injuries. No, I’m not describing Baltimore, I’m talking about football fans celebrating the Ohio State football championship victory at the beginning of this year.

After the win of 42-20, fans stormed the streets, setting 90 fires, tearing down an Ohio Stadium goal post and causing multiple injuries. One newspaper referred to this chaos as “excited fans celebrating.”

Yet when a man is beaten to death by police and people riot about it, they’re “thugs.”

As things get worse in Baltimore we see people on the news every day calling rioters and protesters thugs. They say violence is not the answer, and that the protests and riots will accomplish nothing.

What we need to keep in mind, however, is that all throughout history, in all different parts of the world, amazing revolutions were lead by violence. People stormed kingdoms and ruined businesses and burned down homes. In some cases they even murdered the king or queen or whoever was in charge. It happened even here in America. Did the slaves negotiate their way to freedom? I don’t think so. There was an entire war fought for that freedom, and even after the war there were riots and fights between entire cities that broke out in the middle of streets.

Obviously throughout history amazing things have also come from peaceful movements; Martin Luther King Jr. is an amazing example of that. He did powerful things without violence, but both before and after his peaceful actions there was violence that factored in.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Baltimore City Police department has a very long history of racial profiling and wrongful arrests. The people in this city have been betrayed by the police time and time again, and they’re angry. Freddie Gray was arrested for simply running while black, and carrying a knife that was completely legal to have.

The riots have done exactly what they were meant to do: they’ve drawn attention to the hurt and anger in the city. They’ve shown that this is unacceptable, that people are not going to continue allowing this kind of brutality and murder without consequence.

Not to mention, each and every single business no matter how big or small is required to have insurance for things like riots and damaged windows. The things damaged will be repaired and the businesses will continue as normal. Life insurance doesn’t work that way though. Gray is dead, and he isn’t going to come back.

Did he have children? Best friends or brothers? Maybe even a wife or husband? Barely anyone knows, because for some reason broken windows have become more important than a man’s life being taken from him for no reason.

Broken windows are not broken spines, the city will recover. Gray, however, will not and that’s the only unacceptable thing about the situation.