Reflections auditions: Nerves rattle potential show choir members

Every year, toward the end of the second semester, students who love music audition to be in the school’s show choir, known as Reflections.

Kevin Zinn, vocal music teacher, has been preparing his students for this year’s tryouts, which happened on May 12 and 13 after school.

Zinn said the students must prepare a song, learn a dance during class time and then learn a new dance during the audition. Throughout the audition, the student who is performing is video taped. The taping is sent off to three judges who are music teachers, or older students sometimes, in the state.

The score is a total of 1,000 points. Zinn only gets to grade his students on 100 of them, and he is the last person to grade them.

There are many students auditioning this year and nine students returning to Reflections. Zinn said the amount of people chosen really just depends on how they perform.

“A bunch of students have signed up so far,” Zinn said. “More than I’ve ever had try out before.”

One student trying out this year is sophomore Hattie Stockton. Stockton has been preparing in Zinn’s class and was feeling nervous about her audition, but found her courage.

“I waited a whole week and a half after he put up the audition times to sign up because I kept telling myself I wouldn’t make it,” she said. “But then I realized, how will I know if I don’t even try, so I eventually put my name on the list.”

Stockton has auditioned for other singing groups, including Chorale and Honor Choir in seventh grade. Stockton said she was nervous for both of them.

Another student trying out for a spot in Reflections is sophomore Kristen Prewett. Her love for music and show choir made her want to be a part of it.

“I’ve always loved singing, and I knew the first time I watched Reflections at one of their concerts that I wanted to do what they were doing,” Prewett said. “They always look like they’re having so much fun, and I want to be a part of that.”

Prewett is in Chorale right now and has also had to audition to get singing parts and get into musical groups.

Most auditioners are nervous, but they are also looking forward to performing if they make it.