Helpful medicine given a bad name

Antidepressant medications are often used to help children and teenagers that have depression and anxiety.

According to, taking such medication at such a young age is usually more harmful than at an adult age. Many teens don’t need it and don’t think about the complications it could cause them.

The very long list of side effects from antidepressants include, but are not limited to: nausea, insomnia, irritability, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

The medication is a big contradiction on itself. Taking pills that are supposed to make depression go away may cause suicidal thoughts and make one feel even worse. How great.

Depression is a serious disorder that can cause major problems in a person’s mood, thoughts and actions at home, in school and around others. It completely changes a person’s life, which is why people that have depression want to get medication to help. Clinical depression is not having one bad day and feeling bad for oneself because of it. Being depressed is a lot different than being sad. Everyone gets sad. Depression is not an emotion, it’s a brain malfunction, a mental disorder.

Many teenagers believe they have clinical depression, but they don’t. In fact, some people confuse simple laziness with depression. The two issues are very different. Being a procrastinator or a slacker does not mean you are depressed.Young people actually get depression medication without even stopping to think if they really have depression, which is a huge problem.

If someone does have depression, they will feel an overwhelming amount of all the symptoms that can last for long periods of time. That is when it’s time to seek medical help. It is okay to need medication for clinical depression.

Before getting on antidepressants, teens really need to consider a lot of things. They need to figure out if what they have going on is real clinical depression or not.  Anyone thinking about taking medication needs to decide if the depression is greater than all the complicated side effects.

Obviously I am not a doctor, but I think using antidepressants should be handled very carefully and thought through.

Don’t rush into something so big without knowing all the facts about it. Only get on antidepressant medication as a last resort.