“A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” play


Natascha Mercadante

Seniors Terrell Cox, Ethan Lang and Jesse Dees in the first part of the play.

“And now I die!”

With this simple statement, senior Kieran Baker fell to the floor during the play “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” The play was based off of the screen write by Shakespeare the play combines elements of Ancient Greece with elements of Renaissance. During this play there was laughter and darkness. There was a power outage while Baker was on stage after he talked about a scarf. Students got out their phones and used the assistive lights or flashlight apps to create a makeshift spot light while shouting “I got you, keep going!” Which seemed to be the highlight for many teachers and faculty members. The other students in the play were seniors Jewell Ashford, Jesse Dees, Terrell cox and Ethan Lang; juniors consisted of Dakotah Blazer and Tabatha Butcher. A couple of sophomores were Jessica Hale and Bryan Skinner. A freshman was Kyle Lewis.

For those who missed the play, it was on April 15, during 2nd and 3rd hours. However, for the students who did not get to attend the play saw Baker perform his part for them and when he got to the part where the lights went out, the bell rang. The class erupted in laughter at the irony.